Critical Linking: September 14, 2012

 55% of buyers of books designated for children aged 12 to 17 are actually age 18 or older.

A statistic that should surprise absolutely no one. 


Phillips said the global increase in blood flow during close reading suggests that “paying attention to literary texts requires the coordination of multiple complex cognitive functions.”

It’s unshocking-news day on Critical Linking, apparently.


The magazine so routinely reaches for the “you won’t believe this!” angle that McSweeney’s recently published a parody entitled “Counter-Intuitive Cover Stories in The Atlantic Magazine.” The list begins with “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” and “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” (both actual Atlantic cover lines) and proceeds to “Are Houses Making Us Homeless?” and “Are Paperweights Making Our Papers Fly Away?”

Are leading rhetorical questions making me furious?


The basic content didn’t change radically, what changed was how we found it, acquired it and consumed it.

Forget about the cup and focus on the coffee.

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