Our Favorite Comments: September 2-8, 2012

We love our readers, and we love what they have to say just as much. Here are some of our favorite comments from the week that was.

“In theory, I agree, though I think that in reality I’m the reverse. I’d rather have a character preach (though not for 70 pages and if it actually works as the character not the author preaching) than a 3rd person narrator (which is what more often happens in Victorian literature). Yes, I get the whole evolution of literature thing but that doesn’t mean I have to like it!”

by Jennifer Maurer on Literary Pet Peeve: When Characters Preach


“Instead of, “I am thirty-three years old,” some languages say, “I have thirty-three years.” I love the implications, that your years all live in you at once, that you’re a body full of time, able to travel through it effortlessly. Madeleine L’Engle talked about being fifty, and also sixteen, and also seven… for this very reason.”

by Elisabeth Black on Their 15 Minutiae: Sean Ferrell


“Several weeks ago, I was on a boat ride to one of the Channel Islands to spend the day kayaking around the islands. During the ride, I noticed a man of considerable size who also had a considerable amount of tattoos running the length of his bare left arm. The images seemed familiar in some way, but I didn’t make the connection until several minutes of staring, at which point I asked the man, “Are those images from the Inferno?”

Apparently, I was the only person who had ever recognized the maelstrom, the screaming trees, or the iconic image of Dante and Virgil gazing out over Hell inked on his arm.
A conversation ensued involving Latin, The Divine Comedy, and classical literature in general. He also explained that he planned to have illustrations from Purgatory and Paradise etched over the rest of his upper body.
Surprising, indeed.”

by Matt on The Well-Read Waiter


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