Critical Linking: September 6, 2012

“The Chinese publishing industry is in an “expansive mode” explained Seth Russo, the director of international sales at Simon & Schuster. It is now the world’s largest in terms of volume, with 7.7 billion books published in 2011”

I’m guessing that means total copies. That or each Chinese person wrote about 6 books last year.


The only thing separating most “professional literary critics” from other readers is the amount of time the former have spent reading books, thinking about books, and figuring out what they want to say about those books.

First, that’s three things. Second, in order to spend that much time, you have to care about books differently than other readers.


“But the critic’s task is to write about how an author’s work fits onto the interconnected mosaic of literature…”

That is, when they have time leftover from bloviating about what criticism is.


But it’s a privilege to be reviewed, especially by someone who’s not drawing a paycheck. Just use your name.

I agree. Sign your damn name to your reviews.

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