Critical Linking: September 5th, 2012

If I had to construct the typical magazine editor he would be a white male, who’d gone to an Ivy, and lived in either Boston, New York, or D.C. So the profile for the magazine industry — especially when you compare it to the broader field of journalism — is really thin, and unrepresentative of America, though arguably very representative of American aspiration.

Not to pile on, but aren’t white dudes who went to Ivies at the top of most American industries? 


11:56 p.m. Flip around to try to find a repeat of Game of Thrones. No luck. Winter is coming!!!!!

#1 Best-selling novelists….just like the rest of us.


83 years ago next month, two psychologists went ahead with their plan. They sent questionnaires to 65 critics, asking them to rank the living American novelists in order of merit. Whether their “scientific survey” has any methodological advantages over my own survey of literary scholarship is a good question.

My main woman Willa Cather at the top. I’ve never even heard of #4: James Branch Cabell. Bueller?


Five years ago, Amazon’s mission was to reinvent reading and pioneer a new product category. Those were the good old days. Now it’s swimming with the sharks.

The Kindle is probably only the third most interesting tablet out right now. And falling.

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