Critical Linking: September 3, 2012

If after five years, you don’t sell enough books to pay yourself–let alone an employee–and you have to get a teaching job for the benefits (as Ms. Welch did), you aren’t a bookseller, you are a hobbyist.

The same logic could be applied to self-published authors, no? Or heck, how many traditionally published authors earn enough from their books alone to pay the bills? I think the number would be shockingly low.


 “The truth of the matter,” he replies, “is that I used to be much more – as it were – shy. Now I don’t care!”

Tom Stoppard, on writing less cerebrally in his later career.


Some people say faking reviews/buying reviews is no different to advertising and what’s the big deal? These people are fucking idiots.

Short on nuance, long on truth.


At the end, we can embrace and love whatever we want of an author’s work. But we also can’t ignore a writer’s express wish just because we don’t happen to agree with it.

Writing matters more than writers. The moment you write something, it belongs in the world.

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