Critical Linking: August 30, 2012


“Kobo has struck a deal to sell e-books and its line of e-readers through independent U.S. booksellers”

Google bows out of this racket, Kobo steps in. This would be a good chance for indie bookstores to set-up little Kobo kiosks to sell devices and walk customers through the process of buying ebooks through their local indie.


Federman suggests Union Square Café as a modern-day haunt for literary agents and authors, while Michael’s in Midtown has long been a favorite for publishing-world honchos. The perennially hip Momofuku restaurant empire—which last year launched its own food-lit magazine, Lucky Peach, in conjunction with McSweeney’s—now hosts a series of lunchtime discussions at its Midtown outpost, Ma Peche.

A brief history of the literary lunch.


A comprehensive investigation into Bradbury’s life and career resulted in a report that included his resume, background and “subversive information,” which was included in the FBI’s “Communist Infiltration of the Radio-Television Industry” file.

Really, if you weren’t thought a Communist by the FBI in the 1950s, you were doing it wrong.


The long novel is still in the earliest stages, but I’m thinking of it as “Anna Karenina” in Queens.

This is now my most anticipated novel. But will it be the N or the R train?



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