Ask the Well-Readheads

As Book Riot’s Chief Executive Gingers, Liberty and I have conducted 20 rounds of bantery bookish conversation about everything from authors we love to characters we would date to that time we imagined a bed & breakfast with rooms designed around our favorite books and series. We’ve talked about how reading is for lovers, revealed the books that make us cry, and romped through New York City together. We’re basically blogging life partners.

To celebrate this milestone–and you awesome readers who give us epic nerdpurrs and make it tons of fun–we want to let you ask us anything. Okay, maybe not ANYTHING, but anything reasonably bookish and not insane. (If you’ve been reading us for long, you know that gives you a pretty long leash.)

Leave your questions about books, our reading lives, our deep, dark literary secrets, requests for future installments of The Well-Readheads, and whatever else your gloriously geeky little hearts desire in the comments below, and we’ll answer soon, maybe in a post dedicated just to your question. So come on, kittens. What do you want to know?

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