The Week’s Most Popular Posts: August 18-24, 2012

Our most popular posts from the week that was…

We love books for what they carry within them, not for what they’re made of. The story is the thing; the physical book or ereader or tablet or phone is merely the delivery device. When you fetishize the physical properties of an object, you devalue its contents.

from Books Are Not Sacred Objects by Rebecca Joines Schinsky


I was able to compile quite a list to share with my students. And now, I’m going to share it with you. It’s a very long list, but it is by no means complete. It is, however, an excellent starting point.

from 21st Century Literature by Women: A Reading List by Cassandra Neace


10. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Dec. 14) — Peter Jackson’s first of the Hobbit trilogy hits theaters in December. Can you imagine the bleary eyes and movie ass you’ll acquire some time in 2015 when you decide to watch all six films (three Hobbit, three Lord of the Rings) back-to-back?

from Top 12 Fall Movies Based on Books by Greg Zimmerman


This past Sunday, a student posted an open question on Yahoo! Answers about a book he was assigned to read for summer reading, asking for a complete breakdown and review. It included the usual complaints about getting the reading list late, having a hard time finding it, and not being a very fast reader. I doubt he expected to get a response from the author of the book in question, but he did.  And it was kind of the perfect answer. 

from How Should an Author Respond When A Student Complains About His Book? by Cassandra Neace

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