Our Favorite Comments: August 5-11, 2012

We love our readers, and we love what they have to say just as much. Here are some of our favorite comments from the week that was.

“Christmas Eve circa 1999. My cellphone rings. “Hi honey, I’m at Borders. Where are you?” “I’m at Barnes & Noble.” So it wasn’t a date exactly, but we had a moment there. Alas, never again.”

by Heather Simmons on That Bookstore Smell


“Every year, I re-read Lord of the Rings and I never miss a sentence. Nothing new ever happens, but it’s slightly different every read. I think we all have our comfort zones of movies, books, series, etc, that weave a compulsion spell on us. It’s not just comfort or familiarity, it’s a part of us that relates to that specific thing. So can it hinder us from discovering something else? Only if we want it to.”

by Megan Nicole Jackson on When Is It Enough? Prequels, Sequels, and Extended Universes


“Cough, Gertrude Stein! Cough!”

by Diana on Five Writers Tougher Than Hemingway


“What a lot of people don’t know is that many library systems let you put your holds “on hold”…. (for the person who was on a camping vacation). If you’ve been waiting for a book a long time and are going out of town, you can freeze your holds list and then re-start it when you get back so you don’t miss the book coming in, and you don’t lose your place in line.”

by LC on The Waiting Game: Analyzing the Library Hold List



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