“Diving into an author’s complete bibliography is supposed to be a joyous thing.” — START HERE Chat with Kevin Smokler

We’ve just passed the halfway point of our Kickstarter campaign to publish START HERE, a guide to reading your way into authors you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t known where to start, and it’s time to introduce you to some of the awesome writers, critics, and bloggers we’ve lined up to contribute!

Earlier this week, Riot executive editor Bethanne Patrick chatted live on Spreecast with author and START HERE contributor Kevin Smokler about forthcoming book Practical Classics, the authors he’d like to write START HERE chapters about, and why the Harry Potter books would be confusing if you started in the middle. Settle in and check it out!

Join us this Thursday, August 16th at 8pm Eastern, when we’ll chat with Washington Post book review editor Ron Charles.  Will he wear his famed bacon hat? You’ll have to join the Spreecast to find out!

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