The Week’s Most Popular Posts: August 5-10, 2012

Our most popular posts from the week that was…

The store was just completed this spring, and with shelves full of colorful comic-related merchandise, it looks even more like a comic (though I would pack those things tight to fill out the panels myself).

from BAM! A Comic Book Store That Looks Like a Comic Book by Jeff O’Neal


I realized, though, that I have a giant 27-inch computer screen sitting in my living room that is on screen-saver mode much of the time and could display my books even better than my shelves by rotating the covers, rather than the static spines of my beloved bookshelves.

by Create a Screensaver of Your Favorite Books by Jeff O’Neal


I get really angry when someone says they don’t read fiction because it’s all made up and “not real.” Bullshit! Nothing is more real than fiction. Nothing helps us make sense of the real world more than fiction.

from Nothing Is More Real Than Fiction by Greg Zimmerman


So what is tough, anyway? Is it being able to shoot a lion on a safari run by trained servants? Is it being able to beat other people up? Well, yes, to both of these things, but tough can mean a lot of other things too.

from Five Writers Tougher Than Hemingway by Scott Beauchamp



Both LT and GR have author profile options, where authors can review/add books, have discussions with other members, interact, etc. Both sites discourage “spamming” users. When authors review their own work, both sites mark the review as “from the author.”

from Goodreads v. LibraryThing: Part Two by Amanda Nelson

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