Critical Linking: August 10, 2012


In the current economic and intellectual climate, by working for a living and not attaching money to writing, I feel I have nothing to lose.

There is something to be said for writing for nothing but the desire to write.


This kind of humility and intellectual flexibility is, ideally, the outcome of a higher degree in the humanities, and Horowitz uses his own trials to make a case for better critical thinking, for a “humanistic perspective,” in the tech sector and elsewhere.

Anyone who thinks that the outcome of a humanities PhD is humility and intellectual flexibility might want to meet a few humanities PhDs.


Amazon UK now sells more ebooks than paperback and hardback print editions combined.

Man, remember the future?


We review about 1% of the total sent to us. We select by reading the galleys. Most of this is done by our exceptional staff of “preview editors,” my very smart colleagues. Each reads at least 1,500 advance galleys a year. Multiply that by the five to 20 years they’ve been on the job, and you’ll get the idea these people know a good deal about books.

Names, Tanenhaus! Give us the names of these magical preview editors!

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