Name That Author!: August 9, 2012

This installment of Name That Author! is sponsored by Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl and Crown Publishing. 

On the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary, Nick’s wife, Amy, has disappeared. Nick is weak, Nick is a liar, and maybe he’s not the very best of husbands-but is he a killer? Amy’s diary reveals turmoil over their marriage, strange sicknesses, and her deep wish to be a mother-but is she telling the whole story? As the evidence slowly mounts, and the cops’ investigation deepens, Nick is incriminated in horrible ways. Nick swears he didn’t murder his beautiful wife and goes on the offensive to clear his name…only to learn that something may have happened more disturbing than death.

The terrifying masterpiece of a marriage gone wrong, Gillian Flynn’s fast-paced, dark, and ingeniously plotted Gone Girl confirms her status as one of the hottest thriller novelists around.


You can submit your guess using the form below after any clue, but if you’re wrong, you’re out for the week. So you’ve got to pick your spot. Too early and you might be wrong; wait until you’re sure, and you might get scooped. This week, we have 5 copies of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn to give away–one will go to the first reader who buzzes in with the correct answer, and the remaining four winners will be randomly selected. Submit your guess by 1:30pm Eastern, Monday August 13th to enter.

**Be warned: if you Tweet your guess or leave a comment with your guess, you’re not only disqualified for this week, but for the rest of the month.**

Here we go:

1. Both of my parents were philosophers and my spouse was a poet.

2. My courtship with my spouse included secret meetings at my mother’s grave.

3. It was at Lord Byron’s estate that I got the idea for my most famous work.

4. After my death, it was discovered that I kept the remains of my husband’s heart in silk purse in my desk. (And everybody thought he was the “romantic.”)

5. Some argue that my most famous novel is the first science fiction story, as it has scientist who goes to the laboratory to experiment, with monstrous results.



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