Critical Linking: August 7, 2012

Whether you re-read the same book or article to remind you of concepts, or read content on time management and organization as a constant reminder to work on these things, reading is valuable because it keeps important concepts top of mind.

And if you are lucky, it will also keep you from using worn business neologisms like “top of mind.”


The “200,000+ self-published ebooks sold” club

I’m not sure if I am glad that I have never read a book by any of these authors or if that makes me a literary relic. (Though I guess those two things aren’t mutually exclusive.)


Textbooks are shipped at standard prices, and the cost of returning them is paid by Amazon. Depending on their luck, renters might receive a book that’s new or one that’s gently used.

I guess this is a little better than the old buy-and-resell shell game we used to do with textbooks.


Only the rare reader would finish this piece of digito-futuristic nonsense unconvinced that technology is—to borrow a term of art from the philosopher Harry Frankfurt—bullshit. No, not technology itself; just much of today’s discourse about technology, of which this little e-book is a succinct and mind-numbing example.

Well….at least it was short.

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