Critical Linking: August 3, 2012

The Wall Street Journal reports that online sales of David Mitchell’s novel “Cloud Atlas” shot up last week after a 5-minute trailer of the film appeared on the Internet. Hovering around the #2,500 mark on Amazon’s sales list, the book rocketed to #7 after the movie preview’s debut.

Channeling Allen Iverson: “Not the movie, the trailer. The trailer. We’re talking about a trailer, man. Not the movie. Not the movie. A trailer.”


Little by little, starting in the late 1930s, The Lord of the Rings took shape. Enlisted in the Royal Air Force, Christopher left in 1943 for a South African air base, where every week he received a long letter from his father, as well as the episodes of the novel that was under way. “I was a fighter pilot. When I landed, I would read a chapter,” he says, amused, showing a letter in which his father asks his advice on the formation of a proper noun.

Simply amazing.


Please include a proof of purchase.  HMH will send a refund of $30 within 30 days of receipt of book ($26 for book, plus $4 to cover mailing charges).

Bought Jonah Lehrer’s Imagine and feel cheated that he made at least some of it up? Get your cash back. Good job, HMH.


“I made up my memories, most of them. I no longer know what is true, what is not.”

I don’t believe this for one second. Though, what if that’s what Isabelle Allende wants? If someone is lying about making something up, then where are you?

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