Critical Linking: August 1, 2012


21. Amazon             Books             1.85 Billion Dollars

Everyone knows that Amazon makes a bunch of money online, but I am surprised it’s not in the top twenty largest digital media companies. (Side note: Google is the gorilla that 800 pound gorillas are like “Whoa check out that dude” about)


The investigation found that most for-profit [colleges] devote more resources to attracting students than they do to instructing them.



If they won’t come for the books, they might come for the coffee. And if they don’t come for the coffee, they’ll definitely come for the booze.

More like this, please.


We all know that this is a culture that wants a jolly good read, with a beginning, a middle and an end, and sympathetic characters that they can identify with. That is the kind of book that tends to be lauded [in Britain]. It’s a culture that resists experimentation, sees it as continental and suspect, contrary to the empirical spirit of our thought.

Are there national readerships that do embrace experimentation?

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