#DailyBookPic: Book to Movie

The featured #dailybookpics are collected from Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and/or Instagram.

Ayelet (@ayeye1)

Rosie Gutmann (@rkgutmann)

Amy’s Inkwell (@amys_inkwell)

Unfinished Person

Cassy Ccb

Mandy Jo Shelton (man_dee_lighting)

Today’s the last day of #DailyBookPic, and tomorrow will be the last round-up post.  We’ll be back in October with a new list of prompts.  If you didn’t get to join us for July, and you feel like you’ve missed out, don’t worry. August conveniently has 31 days, so the list will work for it, too.  We’ll still be watching. And if, like some publishers, bookstores, and libraries have started doing, you just want to take a bookish picture each day, feel free to use the #dailybookpic hashtag.  We love all the pictures!

Thanks, guys.  This was a lot of fun.

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