Critical Linking: July 31, 2012


In fact, I’m certain one or more creative individuals will come up with new ways to think about (and distribute) used ebooks that we never even considered.

I am an educated man, but I cannot get my head around the idea of “used” ebooks.


Digital now represents over 30% of total Financial Times revenues and with over 300,000 digital subscribers we have now reached the point where we have more digital subscribers than print circulation.

Notice though that digital accounts for more than 50% of subscriptions but only 30% of revenue. This revolution is in progress, folks.


CK: What is your opinion about book publishing today? How will we be reading books in the next few years?

TA: It’s going to be fine.

I could have used this advice when I was fifteen about unrelated matters, but it sure is good to here it applies to books as well.


Over the next three weeks, Lehrer stonewalled, misled, and, eventually, outright lied to me.

I guess one way to “be creative” is just to make up shit that Bob Dylan never said. (Side note: what a miserably boring quote to fabricate, no?)

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