Critical Linking: July 28, 2012

Working with Kepler’s board and a bankruptcy lawyer, he’s pursuing a creative two-part structure: On one side, a nonprofit organization will support Kepler’s author readings and community outreach programs; on the other, shares in the for-profit bookstore will be sold to its wealthy fans and customers.   

Get creative or go home in the book world these days.


Rule No. 8: Is secret.

Colson Whitehead’s Rules for Writers. Tongue so firmly cheek I’m surprised it didn’t draw blood.


I think the whole argument is just withering away, because people don’t care that much anymore — a lot of people — whether you call it “sci-fi” or “science fiction” or “mainstream” or “realism” or whatever. It’s all getting mixed up together. It’s all literature, and that’s the way it ought to be, I think.

But, but but….how will I demonstrate my geek bona fides if it’s just all lumped together!


The transition was accelerated by the death spiral of print ads, and the stalling of growth for online advertising, but more expensive subscriptions and charging for website access play a role as well.

Not sure if this is a good sign or not for The New York Times. Are subscriptions buoying the ship, or is the ad-part of the ship just sinking faster?

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