Critical Linking: July 27, 2012


Morrison was asked about Slade’s death on Oprah Winfrey’s television show last year, and rejected the idea of getting any kind of “closure” as “some kind of insult”.

I thought I couldn’t love Toni Morrison any more than I already do. I was wrong.


‘One of the points in our guidelines will be “review the book and not the author.”‘

The Wild West review days on GoodReads appear to be over.


I find myself pirating a lot more books than I actually purchase. I try to justify this by comparing it more like borrowing them from the library since I wont be in possession of the actual copy, rather than stealing them from a book store.

I think Freud would have a lot of fun with the verb selection of “try” here….


Digital self-publishing may work for already established authors, according to Turow, “but it’s one more instance of the winner-take-all economy. It doesn’t allow young writers to flourish and it is not in my judgment a good thing.”

Yea, if only there were some breakout hits that started as self-published works. Oh wait, the biggest selling fiction titles since Harry Potter started that way.

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