5 Transformable Bookshelves

After books themselves, no objects quite get a reader’s heart a-pounding like some awesome bookshelves. The five below bookshelves don’t just sit there with books on them; they spin, collapse, and transform to fit your ever-changing collection. Now, if only they were activated by pulling on a secret book-lever…


Mix Boxes

I want a whole room of these. Each set includes six boxes of varying sizes that you can stack, sort, and reassemble according to what you need them to do. Part bookshelf, part functional furniture, they are low-tech but surprisingly stylish.

 The Piano Shelf

While moving shelves around is definitely a flexible solution, it’s not quite as convenient as reconfiguring your shelves in place. Drop down the “keys” when you have something to put on them, and prop them back up to keep them from looking empty, though I would guess most of us don’t have an “empty shelf” problem.


The Somerset House Book Stall System

This simple table-to-display shelf was designed with small bookstores in mind. Flexible without being complicated, it lets booksellers show off their wares in different ways. I sort of want it as a vanity coffee table…

The Moni Shelf

This isn’t one shelf, but individual bracket shelves that can be arranged in almost any way you want. Each shelf runs about 50 bucks apiece, so a full wall will be pricey, but getting exactly as much space you want in the way you want it is worth it.

UnWaste Rotating Book Walls

Most library-lovers have the secret rotating bookshelf dream…but why keep it a secret. These rotating bookwalls not only store books, but they allow for privacy or openness as needed. Simple, clever, and a lot of fun.



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