Critical Linking: July 26, 2012

How many serious books can even a dedicated reader conquer in a year? No more than forty, I should think. 



As expected of a country protecting their business interests, they are opposing a binding treaty because to do so would potentially create a precedent for similar exceptions and limitations to the rights of copyright owners in other areas.

There’s really no way to come off looking good when making it harder for blind people to get access to books.


Most books are signed after an editor (or an editor’s assistant) has compiled an assessment of the competitive landscape. Let’s try including that information as metadata and measure the sales.

It only sounds risky, but the stakes are really low.


Last month we asked you, our audience, to nominate titles for a top-100 list of the best young adult — YA — fiction ever written. Thousands of you sent in nominations. We’ve tabulated those suggestions and, with the help of an expert panel, narrowed the list to the 235 finalists you see below.

*whistles* 235 finalists. On the plus side, you can vote for up to 10.


The publisher is partnering with TV production/distribution company FremantleMedia to develop scripted programs based on its books. Both companies are owned by Bertelsmann.

So a company works with another company and they both are owned by the same company. And this is news?

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