Critical Linking: July 24, 2012


Goodreads is starting to step in and act as a reputation system.

Can crowdsourcing reviews help with the onslaught of self-published books? 


Indeed, the casual mention in Gatsby might lead one to believe that it was just a city he’d read about or a place he saw on a map. But it’s something more than that. The reason Lake Forest became such a significant place to one of America’s great writers is simple: his first love was from there.

Gatsby just radiates interesting angles.


Invent your own!

George RR Martin, on using other writers’ characters in fan fiction. (Easy for him to say, though. He probably invents two dozen characters while pouring his cereal.)


And book authors can’t expect to collect on “repeat reads” the way music creators can collect on “repeat plays”.

This seems to me the single-most important reason that a Spotify for books is untenable. I can listen to “Tempted” by Squeeze eight or nine times on repeat without even knowing it. I can only do that three times with Stieg Larsson, max.

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