Critical Linking: The Most Read Stories: July 16-21, 2012

Here are the most read stories from the last week in Critical Linking…

All I could think was, really? Library science is really worse than English? And how come theatre didn’t even make it on the list?

I have an MA in English. There seem to be  a lot more jobs for librarians out there than there are for people like me.


Every few seconds a sheet of water blasts forth from the book’s spine, arcing from one side to the other and creating the illusion that an invisible force is turning the pages of this marble tome.

The book is dead, long live the book.


“How To Raise Chickens In Your Studio Apartment [might have] an image of a rooster standing in the middle of a tiny bed loudly waking up a beleaguered, startled couple, each with a hen roosting in their hair.”

I prefer an overly obvious cover over, say, the back of a woman’s head.


Without much left to say about the break-out hit, the Canvas imageboard has turned its cover into a meme. 

Can’t believe it took this long. But I like it, so I’mma let it finish.

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