Critical Linking: July 20, 2012

Literature no longer wields the same cultural currency it did fifty years ago. We’re not all talking about the latest Wharton, Updike, or Carver.

You can’t ignore that we are having a national conversation about books just because they’re not the books you’d choose.


There’s no character I can think of that’s suffused with as much nostalgia as our old pal Clark Kent. I have no doubt that Chabon could give Supes the gravitas he needs, and tell some fantastic stories.

Is this the logical next step after genre-bending lit fic? I certainly hope so.


As a comparison, online retailers represented 13 percent of total net dollars…

And the bookstore is dead?


Independent booksellers are badass ninjas. Let’s just get that straight right here. They are badass hardcore book-loving ninjas.

Nope, definitely not dead.


This morning, Penguin parent company Pearson announced that it has purchased the company from Bertram Capital for $116 million.

Author Solutions, based in Bloomington, Ind., had revenues of $100 million in 2011 and has published 190,000 books by 150,000 authors since its founding in 2007.

If you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em.



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