Name That Author!: July 19, 2012

You can submit your guess using the form below after any clue, but if you’re wrong, you’re out for the week. So you’ve got to pick your spot. Too early and you might be wrong; wait until you’re sure, and you might get scooped.

**Be warned: if you Tweet your guess or leave a comment with your guess, you’re not only disqualified for this week, but for the rest of the month.**

Here we go:

1. I spent much of my childhood homebound and isolated.

2. I once rejected my place on the shortlist of a major literary award.

3. My political activism comes through in my writing, often in reference to apartheid.

4. My first published work was a short story for young readers.

5. Prizes I was awarded, and did not reject, include the Booker and the Nobel.


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