Critical Linking: July 18, 2012

States have been slow in enacting new sales tax legislation, but the number of bills proposing such legislation shows that’s changing, says Brian Kelleher, tax director with Deloitte. “When’s the last time you bought a CD?” he says.

Maybe paying tax on them will convince folks that ebooks are “real” books after all.


Now, anyone who loves to read can browse, sample and become instantly immersed in a NOOK-like reading environment from any browser, with support coming this fall for Internet-enabled tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

They can, but will they want to?


At one point, Marlon Brando would call and read his favourite part from her novels to her over the phone.

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall.


Justifying librarianship is like making a case for school teachers or firefighters or college professors…

Sometimes the best way to fight spin is with more spin.

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