Critical Linking: July 17, 2012

“How To Raise Chickens In Your Studio Apartment [might have] an image of a rooster standing in the middle of a tiny bed loudly waking up a beleaguered, startled couple, each with a hen roosting in their hair.”

I prefer an overly obvious cover over, say, the back of a woman’s head.


But that doesn’t mean Kickstarter is a publisher. Otherwise you’ve have to say that Citibank is the #2 comics publisher, or day jobs are the #2 comics publisher, or very supportive parents are the #2 comics publisher in the world.

A discussion about the role that crowd-funding is (and is not) playing in the world of publishing. And it doesn’t just apply to comics, either.


While bitter traditionalists like myself may shudder at the thought of a world in which the importance of character, dialogue, and narrative arc are superseded by armchair philosophy and pretty eye candy, it’s not hard to imagine bitter traditionalists complaining about the advent of sync-sound and other innovations that are now taken for granted.

Innovation is not foreign to the literary world. There’s no reason to be afraid of it now.


…asking where a fairy tale came from is like asking who invented the meatball.

Trying to explain why we find them so appealing seems like an equally nonsensical task, but she does a fair job.

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