Critical Linking: July 13, 2012

For Cassie, who asked to withhold her last name, the break from societal norms is the appeal.

“I love Christian because he’s a bit disturbed,” she says.

BREAKING: New research indicates adolescent girls may have tendency to push boundaries.


Plutarch is like a highly evolved Scotty, in another time and dimension. And an equally colorful dresser.

Betcha never thought you’d hear “bow chicka wow wow” alongside The Hunger Games.


Players have to find and convince the characters to return to the book. I didn’t make it far enough to meet the new couple, and due to the repetitive nature of this game I don’t think I will.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that app developers will not rest until they’ve bastardized every corner of classic literature.


…comments stink but, thanks to this fun browser extension, you never have to look at them again!

Herp Derp.


In a whopping summer auction that reached seven figures, 20th Century Fox acquired Gone Girl

Because nothing says “I’m capable of committing the perfect crime” quite like “bend and snap.”


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