Critical Linking: July 12, 2012


What seem fatal flaws to one generation strike the next as displays of artistic courage.

This is the main reason I tend to ignore the contemporary books that everybody seems to love.


The named pirate’s Twitter and personal webpages have subsequently been removed, and Goodkind said that immediately after his post, almost all of his piracy links were deleted as well. The pirate “took it upon himself to exploit and freely share our work for all of this last year. In response, we decided to share what had been his work from last night,” wrote Goodkind.

I don’t think giving away other people’s work is an awesome idea, but is it really “exploitation”? Even the term “piracy” is strong. Thieves, maybe. Jerks, for sure.


Author Temper Tantrums

And now the other edge of the author-reader shame sword.


 In order to highlight the collaboration that can happen in a document, Google has put up a page that’s shared between the user, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Emily Dickinson, and a few more famous authors and poets.

This is supposed to be cool, but comes across as really, really strange.

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