#DailyBookPic: Not a Book

The featured #dailybookpics are collected from Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and/or Instagram.

“Not a book. My bookplate stamp.” Amy’s Inkwell (@Amys_Inkwell)

“Not a book: my daughter is writing a YA novel in a succession of spiral notebooks with a black gel pen” – Jenny Ortuoste (@jennydecember)

“Not a book. But a cat with a book.” – M Ward (@turtleknitta)

“Not-a-book (tho it used to be part of one till Destructo Toddler got it)” – Jessica Howard (@quirkybookworm)

“Lots of reading but not-a-book.” – John Blasko (@jblasko1239)

“Not a Book (this journal has been a great tool for me. Quick notes are jotted down which help me create my blog post weeks after reading a book. Notecards are attached to page as I’m not very concise for the space – not surprising.)”  -ibeeeg (@ibeeeg)

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