Critical Linking: July 9, 2012

According to Forrester Research, 112.5 million US adults are expected to own a tablet in 2016. That’s over one-third of US adults.

If this were an over/under bet, I’d take the over.


The first issue PW studied was the May 13 edition, featuring three nonfiction books on motherhood and family life under the headline “Family Way.” The first featured book, Anne Enright’s Making Babies: Stumbling into Motherhood (W.W. Norton), increased sales from 234 copies to 417 copies sold at the outlets tracked by BookScan after the cover review.

And BookScan covers about 75% of print sales. A NYT cover review isn’t quite the boon one might expect.


I realized that Janet Maslin, who is not only one of the most accomplished critics in the world, but who is also the person who lifted my first novel, “The Cradle,” out of obscurity with a rave review three years before, had made a simple reading error within the first five pages of my novel.

She‘d mixed up two characters.

It was really important to not mix up those characters.

And she never realized it.

Luckily, a good NYT review doesn’t seem to matter much anyway…


Cassandra Tolley, who received eight years in prison and five on probation for driving under the influence, has also been ordered to read the Old Testament book of Job and write a report on it.

I feel like I heard something once about separation of church and state. Seems like making religious documents part of state sentencing might violate that.



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