Critical Linking: July 6th, 2012

So I’ve decided to continue as I am, but to make the publications I write for aware that I believe the lack of female voices on their staff detracts from the overall quality of their publications. I will register a similar complaint with publications that display a sharp imbalance in male/female bylines (that is to say, according to the VIDA count, virtually all of them).

Critic Ruth Franklin tells the Bookforum editorial how she really feels.


The James Beard Foundation, an organization committed to culinary education and achievement, selected 14 books for food lovers to explore this summer. Chosen by the Foundation’s Book Awards Committee, these titles – which include works of humor, history, and fiction – are almost guaranteed to help readers work up an appetite.

If you were me you’d have read all of thesealready, but since you’re not…


An unknown quantity of copies were sealed in plastic bags and came with the warning that, once opened, the words would start fading away. The book would only wait two months for you. 

Worried about books disappearing? Then these special editions will unnerve you.

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