Critical Linking: July 5, 2012

Hold onto your hats Truebies! HBO and HSN have announced the release of a beauty line called “Forsaken”, inspired by the hit HBO series True Blood. The collection will include fragrance by Givaudan, a first-ever lip color with coordinating nail polish from Deborah Lippmann and luxury home goods from D.L. & Co. The line will debut on HSN on August 9th and in the HBO Shop in September.

Said fragrance includes notes of  “pulpy fruits.” Oh Charlaine Harris, what have you wrought?


Barnes & Noble, which accounts for 25% to 30% of the e-book market through its Nook e-reader, has recently started studying customers’ digital reading behavior. Data collected from Nooks reveals, for example, how far readers get in particular books, how quickly they read and how readers of particular genres engage with books. Jim Hilt, the company’s vice president of e-books, says the company is starting to share their insights with publishers to help them create books that better hold people’s attention.

In related news, we’ve heard that the Big Six publishers will soon collaborate on the ultimate e-book: Fifty Shades of Da Vinci’s Weight-Loss Plan for Financial Success by Snooki Kardashian.


But two-faced Twitter has also brought about, in its opposite aspect, the very last thing to have been expected from the internet: a renovation of the epigram or aphorism, a revaluation of the literary virtues of terseness and impersonality.

If you guys had been following Colson Whitehead on Twitter, you would have known that already…

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