Our Favorite Comments: June 25 – July 1, 2012

We love our readers, and we love what they have to say just as much. Here are some of our favorite comments from the week that was.

“That’s the problem with authors: they just keep dying, no matter how useful it would be for them to stay hunched in their little writing holes, scribbling out new masterpieces and also answering fan mail. I’d totally give a year of my own life in order for some of these dudes (and dudesses) to also get a bit tacked on at the end so they could answer questions starting with, “what did you mean by…””

by Neal Call on The Death Swell: Expired Authors and Affiliated Guilt


“No one can shame you but you. If I’m in the elevator and someone asks me what I’m reading, if it’s erotica (I generally read the REALLY smutty erotica on my e-Reader since it’s usually cheaper and more easily available that way), I’ll respond with a generic, “I’m reading smut.” Or sometimes just, “Trashy romance novel.” It either shuts them up or gets a conversation started. And those tend to be great conversations, by the way.”

by Aarann Kincheloe on The Gender of Reading Shame 


“I would add: One novel of a genre that you think you hate, because you might be surprised. One children’s chapter book, because sometimes college freshmen need to turn off their brains.”

by Stephanie Jobe on A Summer Reading List for College Freshmen


“Reading requires more calories beyond the basal metabolic rate ergo you need snacks. Drinking helps one relax and ignore the many distractions that can interfere with reading Fitzgerald (phone, TV, birds chirping, nagging children) ergo more focus to get through the book. Snack and drink I say.”

by Him on Snacks and Cocktails: Reading THE GREAT GATSBY


“I don’t see books and symbolism therein as problems to be solved, but different lenses to look through, funhouse mirrors to peek in, and dress-up clothes to try on. It’s far more fun than worrying over the possibility of getting The One Right Answer wrong.”

by Katie H. on A Nightly Prayer to Gatsby

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