Critical Linking: July 2, 2012

If slaughtering livestock can be seen as part of humans’ closeness to animals, khoj özeeri represents an unusually intimate version. Reaching through an incision in the sheep’s hide, the slaughterer severs a vital artery with his fingers, allowing the animal to quickly slip away without alarm, so peacefully that one must check its eyes to see if it is dead.

The Tuvan tongue may not be in danger of immediate extinction–but its neighboring Siberian language Tofa is.


“Trying to find a girlfriend is hard enough. Trying to find one when you’re 40 is even harder. Trying to find one when you’re 40 and have disabilities, well… but, then again, look at Stephen Hawking.”

When your father is a famous film director and your mother edits The London Review of Books, your memoir of disability might be different than most…


At least this means, so Penguin promises, that the best Brazilian authors might find an easier passage into the English-speaking world. And in August, Penguin Classics has two works scheduled to mark the centenary of the birth of Jorge Amado: the greatest fictional chronicler of modern Brazil. Whichever way the money runs, the import-export trade in imagination can enrich us all.

These BRICS aren’t Legos: How emerging nations may change the publishing industry for the better.


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