Critical Linking: June 30, 2012


It’s an excellent tablet, period. In fact, it’s the first Android tablet that I can confidently recommend to buyers — and not just because it’s got a low price tag (though that certainly helps). It’s a well-designed, powerful, and useful product, with lots of bells and whistles that makes it feel like a device that should be more expensive than it is.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it looks like we have our first real iPad competitor. Interested to try this thing out.


Guests will stay in one of the hotel’s waterside rooms, and while the package doesn’t include Grey himself, it does pay homage to several elements in the books: Ana’s favorite champagne (Bollinger Rose) available in-room, a romantic sailing excursion in Puget Sound, a demo drive in an Audi (Grey’s ride of choice), a custom “50 Shades” landmarks map to tour the area in and hard copies of the books themselves on the nightstand to “inspire love.”

Looking for a metaphor here….let’s go with….I got nuthin’.


Surely they can’t be ‘real’ readers whose papery passions have traditionally been our bread and butter and who shop in ‘real’ bookshops? No, these must be a different sort of reader, new and not as good, ‘silly’ and to be only temporarily humoured and nervously served before we gladly see them off as they return to whatever form of entertainment they normally enjoy.

I guess people do this to 50 Shades readers because to allow them into the fold of “real” readers is to befoul sacred ground somehow. Whatever you think of 50 Shades, it has to get you thinking about how you talk about books and reading.


Ms. Fenske originally planned to get rid of Daniel by sending him to prison and writing him out of the series. Then she saw the statistics. She decided 29.7 % was too big a chunk of her audience to ignore.

I think getting more information about readers is great in a lot of ways. But deciding how to shape your novels based on reader feeling? That’s not how it should be done.

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