Critical Linking: June 29, 2012


Would putting the estimated number of hours it would take a reader to finish a book right there on the jacket be a good marketing tool?

I guess I should have realized that not everyone instantly does the math based on page size and page length.


Monstro is an apocalyptic story. An end of the world story set in the DR of the near future. It’s a zombie story. (On that island, how could it not be?) It’s an alien invasion story. It’s a giant monster story. It’s about the Great Powers (China, the United States) attempting to contain the growing infestation by re-invading the Island for, what, the twelfth time?

Whoa…a nugget about Junot Diaz’s next novel!


I said that I wanted to write a book, and I did, but it was only once no one wanted to publish it that I realized that what I really wanted was to be a published author, and that I most assuredly am not.

I do wonder if the coming normalization of self-publishing will reduce the romance of having been published to the point that a bunch of people no longer really find it attractive.


We had that Urban Outfitters customer in mind.

Genius or bat-shit crazy?

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