Critical Linking: June 27, 2012

“I used to work for a large publisher where it was more or less common practice to game Amazon reviews. Marketing people had anonymous logons to Amazon and would go and post reviews of new titles. I sat in a few meetings about books which weren’t doing as well as expected and a few positive reviews would appear the next week. It was considered a fairly standard option to help out a book which perhaps hadn’t made the expected sales on publication.”



Some of Brazil’s most notorious criminals offered 48 days off jail terms each year if they read 12 books.

In Brazil, apparently super-readers could really get away with murder. Okay not really, but maybe like shoplifting?


Winston Churchill’s personal copy, with a personal message from Fleming to Churchill, sold for $71,700.

Is it just me, or is it a little weird to have heads of state reading spy novels? (Though “Never Give Up” would be a pretty good name for a Bond novel).

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