Critical Linking: June 26, 2012

Richard Russo, the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, says his latest novel, Interventions, “is a tribute to the printed book” and is not for sale in an electronic version.

Guess we have to stop saying luddite and start saying russite.


But what if publishers launched their own uber-ebookstore and owned it outright? We could all switch over to the agency distribution model, receive 70% of sales and the remaining 30% would cover all the infrastructure costs to run the business. Using the agency model means we could also limit the impact any deep-pocketed retailers would have on selling everything at a loss with an eye on killing the competition.

Nice idea, but how is this not a monopoly?


Italian notebook maker Moleskine plans to list in Milan this year and has hired investment banks to run the sale of stock in the company, whose thread-bound jotters are based on originals favored by the likes of Vincent Van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway.

Moleskine: now officially uncool.


George R. R. Martin please write like the Wind!

There are nerds then there are book nerds then there are fantasy book nerds and then there are fantasy book nerds who implore authors to write faster in song.

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