Critical Linking: June 21, 2012

Now, Raycraft says that if she doesn’t receive enough help to sort through the remaining 30 tons of books by July 6, she is going to call the fire department and hold a book burning of her own, complete with band and pig roast.

I didn’t know that there was official book burning fanfare.


No, Mr. Lowery, that is merely how disruption works! You see, legacy players fight change and lose, and then players (old and new) figure out how to leverage that change to build a new industry.

This is about the music industry, but might as well be about the book industry.


“At the same time, Burton said they wanted to make sure “books are the heart and soul” of the experience. In other words, they were willing to add some bells and whistles to keep users engaged, but they didn’t want to bury the books under layers of new technology.”

Reading Rainbow app!!!!


Why are celebrity book clubs and civic read-alongs good at driving sales but bad at promoting reading? Perhaps because they don’t do a good job of showing their members how to read. Other studies show that although Oprah’s Book Club makes readers aware of titles and authors they might not otherwise have heard of, it offers little opportunity to actually read and engage.



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