Critical Linking: June 20, 2012

There is a gray area that exists for me with the iPad. I love using it to read, to browse the web, to share content, to occasionally create content. But there is a moment when I have to put the iPad down and grab my laptop. I travel with both. I keep both nearby when I’m at home. And I think this is true for a lot of people (it’s certainly true for a lot of people I know in the tech press).

The ereader/tablet wars are finally going to get interesting.


Alice Walker is protesting Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians by refusing permission for an Israeli publisher to translate her most famous book, “The Color Purple.”

I guess you use the tools you have to back what you believe, but it seems to me that in the case of art, you spread that around as much as you can. Let it do the work.


“…it’s difficult to see Amazon as much more than a digitized Wal-mart — a vendor supplying devalued products for a reading public whose tastes, due to the Bezos hype, crave quantity over quality.”

So readers are just mindless sheep reading whatever they are told apparently. What a condescending point of view.


The good thing about the numbers, no matter which side of the digital divide you stand on, is that both categories saw an increase from last year—up 28.1% for eBooks and 2.7% for hardcovers. Adult paperbacks had the highest sales overall, even above eBooks, at $299.8M but are actually down 10.5%, which means that if things continue as they are, eBooks are winning this race by the end of the year.

I’ve been saying it’s just a matter of time. Looks like that time is now.


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