Critical Linking: June 9, 2012

There’s nothing I need or want to know from the writers I admire that isn’t in their books.

John Irving,  in The New York Times. Sick burn of author interviews…in an author interview.


Johnson has adopted a “no frolic with the talent rule” to maintain the caliber of talk. This regulation came about because of unexpected entanglements between smitten women readers and the authors who arrived at their homes. “I know male authors use this to their advantage,” said Johnson, who did not expand upon the nature of these mysterious hookups.



I thought Wright actually ended up doing the work of the racists he sought to denounce, by committing the common lefty mistake of portraying a people under siege as devoid of humanity.

The scene of Bigger in the movie theater showed just how alienated Bigger was from himself.


I do have meat at heart.

Gwyneth Paltrow, in a review of a book of poetry. And no, I am not having a stroke. This is real.


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