Our Favorite Comments: May 28 – June 2, 2012

We love our readers, and we love what they have to say just as much. Here are some of our favorite comments from the week that was.


“Ouch with the Old Man and the Sea. It meets, I think, the very rare quality of being appropriate for 12-year olds but still teaching lessons to adults. It’s simple on the surface, but deep as the…ha, just kidding, I won’t continue with the metaphor.”

by nealcall on The Most Overrated Books of All Time (According to Me)


“Oh jeez, I am TOTALLY in the one-woman production of Les Mis Club. So is my best friend, so that makes at least 4 of us! We actually had to stop listening to it on road trips because we get all excitable and gesture wildly and whoever is driving tends to get a speeding ticket during The Confrontation.”

by Tika Viteri on The Les Miz Trailer Run-Down


“Sometimes I have loads of shame, and sometimes I have none.

No shame?

Hemingway. It’s actually a battle of wills at this point. Mine against everybody who’s like oh Hemingway is so great. No. I refuse to read him, but I do like to talk to him sometimes through my fiction. He’s a fun codgy old guy to have around.

Joyce. No shame. I’ll get there eventually, but right now I have books to read that are more than the sum of the footnotes.


Fitzgerald. Can I make a huge confession and say that I just realized that I needed to pick up the book, but it was only after seeing the new movie trailer? Then again, I got into ship mechanics for a while after Titanic so maybe it all just comes down to Leo.

Flannery O’ Connor. Yeah. Loads of shame.

And, well, I’ll come clean. I haven’t read the Harry Potter series. I picked one up once and it was just not the right time and place for me to be reading it–I was already old enough to be uninterested but too young to actually appreciate it. It’s on my list to read in the next year.”

by Nkkvanry on Open Thread: 5 Authors You Haven’t Read…Yet


“The whole point of literature is that it’s your imagination that creates the experience. In the end, the delivery method fades into the background because the story is what drives interest.”

by GeekElite on Open Thread: Would You Turn Back the Clock?

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