Critical Linking: June 1, 2012

The new divide is such a cause of concern for the Federal Communications Commission that it is considering a proposal to spend $200 million to create a digital literacy corps. This group of hundreds, even thousands, of trainers would fan out to schools and libraries to teach productive uses of computers for parents, students and job seekers.

Digital literacy is wildly important. Time to get rid of Home Economics and shop class and typing.


OK, my review is “negative”—a bad book deserves such a notice. But the idea that a local paper should not offend a “local author” is ludicrous.

Ludicrous and, it would seem, disingenuous.


I need to remind myself that cultural choice speaks nothing about character, goodness, or any aspect of a personality. But then I meet someone who enthusiastically endorses my tastes and opinions, and I feel connected, incommensurately so because I assume this person “gets it.”

I think this is called confirmation bias. I would love it if you would tell me that I am right.


There is an entire cottage industry built upon writers churning out articles and guides and essays about the benefits and how-to’s of self-publishing. Notice, nearly all of those articles include links to the books they’ve self-published.

There are many echo-chambers on the web, but it does seem like self-publishing’s reverberates particularly strongly.

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