Critical Linking: May 30, 2012

Go and find your audience.

This seems to me the most fundamental shift for writers. Big opportunities out there, but you have to both write and do the legwork. More freedom equals more work (as it does in any field).


Usually graduates receive gifts—but 11-year-old Darius Atefat-Peckham decided to give one instead. He donated the $10,000 he won this spring in the Letters About Literature national writing contest to his elementary school library.

Amazing, cool kid with a name fit for a Harry Potter secondary character. So basically, my new hero.


Tina Fey has created what is arguably the best network television comedy of the last decade, “30 Rock,” and has worked on hit movies like “Mean Girls.” But where her influence might loom largest is, believe it or not, books.

I think someone underestimates network television.


But mediocre books getting overpraised does not bother me seriously, as I would rather let ten guilty men go free than hang one innocent — it irritates me far more when truly great books are ignored, which happens all the time.

Fair enough, except there is only so much buzz to go around. The attention a “mediocre” book gets is attention that doesn’t get channeled to something more interesting.

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