The Week’s Most Popular Posts: May 19 – 25, 2011

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Adams’ artistic sensibility is both specific and elusive. He can go from distraught to delighted in the space of a modifier. He combines Gary Larson’s irony, Bill Watterson’s wistful idealism, Oscar Wilde’s keen social observation, and Dorothy Parker’s mischievousness. But set in space. In short, he is a genre all to himself.

So, to remind fans of his great gifts and to introduce newcomers to his unmistakable voice, here are the 42 best lines from his Hitchhiker series…

From: The 42 Best Lines from Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Series by Jeff O’Neal


I thought this particular scene was funny because A.) I’m a reader and know exactly what she means by Hate Read and B.) I read a dating book a few years back that was the ultimate Hate Read. All I could do was tell people how much I hated everything that the author was saying, yet I could. not. stop. reading. it. Ugh.

From Hate Reads by Wallace Yovetich.


You are going to spend your whole life learning how to write, and then you are going to die. Don’t expect ever to feel like you’ve mastered it.

From 9 Things I’ve Learned about Writing by Teaching Freshmen to Write by Jeff O’Neal


A for effort, Maguire, but Carraway is not Gatsby and Wet You in the Rain is not Wet Leo. This is the man who spent half ofTitanic being handsome in glacier water. You can’t out-wet him.

From The Great THE GREAT GATSBY trailer rundown by Kit Steinkellner


For me, a more careful rule applies: Treat other people’s things better than you would treat your own and try to return them as close to undamaged as you can. If you are using something that belongs to another person, it should be treated with respect as a measure of respect for the person you are borrowing it from.

From Fisticuffs over the Care and Keeping of Books by Kim Ukura

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