Critical Linking: May 7, 2012

As publishers hunger for popular content while cutting promotional budgets, such ready-formed, literate and ebook-reading groups are likely to become the engine rooms of fiction.

I have no doubt that quality fan fiction would sell. But aren’t there insane copyright issues? I mean, I can’t just write a Harry Potter prequel and sell it, no?


With TV viewers becoming less and less interested in unscripted shows, and so many skill-based competition series focusing on singing, cooking, and fashion, maybe now would be the time for an exec to take a crazy risk by green-lighting a competition show about writing books.

One season would take about three years. Yawn.


The 2011 Booker Longlist novels broken down by theme. Good to see ‘Nanny trust issues’ finally making its breakthrough as a Longlist motif.

Love, death, war, betrayal…all well-represented. But underdog “homicidal cowboy brothers” and “totalitarian Bucharest” keepin’ it real.


“It’s really heated things up. He asks me every night, ‘Have you read your book tonight, honey?’ It’s like being on our honeymoon.”

Fans of 50 Shades of Grey…..are not shy.


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