Critical Linking: The Most Read Stories, April 23-27, 2012

The most read stories from the week in Critical Linking…

When I say that I hope traditional publishing is destroyed by Amazon, or whomever, that’s coming from someone who has long held these publishers in jaw-dropping awe, as though they were the Mount Olympus that every writer strove to summit. And when I finally did summit that mountain, it was like I had found a party of mountebanks and cold capitalists who couldn’t have cared less about the suffering of a writer who only wanted to be treated with dignity and respect.

Damning stuff from the author of Sideways.


This year’s fiction finalists have also received a bump. On Amazon’s bestseller list, Train Dreams went from #990 to #98, Swamplandia! moved from #984 to #155, and The Pale King has jumped from #2000+ in both paperback and hardcover to #561 and #625, respectively. It’s unlikely, however, that those gains will match the post-award success of, say, Tinkers, which perhaps benefitted the most from its 2010 win and has now sold more than 360,000 copies.

Put another way, only one of the three Pulitzer fiction finalists managed to crack the top 100 in Amazon’s fiction bestseller list. And that one did just barely.


The Australian director used Jay-Z’s tunes to break the ice on the set of his highly anticipated adaptation of “The Great Gatsby.”

We’re just boats endlessly rapping


If in January, you sit there contemplating what you should report and write in order to win a Pulitzer Prize during the coming year — or if you harbor such thoughts at any point during the year – you are hack and a whore and part of the problem.


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