Critical Linking: April 28, 2012

“Most newsgathering is still done in a very traditional way,” Lavrusik told me. “In too many places, it’s still ‘this is what’s happening’, not contextualising what’s happening. What needs to change is – there’s a lack of discovering why this is happening, the context.”

Is there anything, anything at all, that has to do with words that the internet hasn’t fundamentally changed?


What was the best book you read as a student?

“Pride and Prejudice” (I even played Mr. Bennet, complete with mustache, in my high school play).

I would like to see Donald Sutherland play Madeleine Albright.


For readers, though, a buzzy literary series presents a dilemma. Will newcomers who pick up the latest book without having read the first be able to follow the story? Should readers dutifully slog through a 560-page first volume before diving into the book that everyone is talking about?

Well, if you book requires dutiful slogging, I think the answer is a big, fat NO.


“For $5, I’ll leave a five-star review of your Kindle ebook, purchase it (up to .99), ‘like’ it, and vote down negative reviews!”

Plagiarism is about the worst crime someone can commit as a writer. This might be the biggest crime someone can commit as a reader.

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